Garden Privacy Screening, Premium Windbreak PVC Fencing 35 m x 19 cm, 450 gsm, Includes 20 Clamping Strips (Anthracite)

ViewProtect KOMPAKT Visual protection strips for your Privacy workingHOUSE
Our privacy strips are made of robust PVC material with 450 grams per square meter. They are excellently suited for subsequent plaiting in bar mat fences with 200 mm distance between the bars.
Each roll from this offer comes with 20 clip strips. If you need more, please order the required clip strips from our offer according to your needs.
  • Do you need your privacy and a weather proof sight screen for your balcony, garden, or terrace? Then you are at the right place. Our fencing is easy to install and creates a long lasting barrier.
  • High Quality: Our fencing provide excellent wind protection, sun protection, and the PVC gives it a durable long-life expectancy.
  • Very easy to install without the need for extra tools. Each roll includes 20 free clamps to secure the strips in place.
  • They are ideal for weaving in rod wire mesh fences with a height spacing of 200 mm.
  • Dimensions: 35m length, 19 cm width

- PVC Fencing

- Color: Light Grey

- Approximate thickness: 450 grams per square meter

- Dimensions: 35 m length, 19 cm width

- 1 roll of PVC fencing 35 m length, 19 cm width
- 20 clamping clamps for assembly
Hinweise zum Einbau
1. Weave the material through the bars of any wire mesh fence with 200mm height gaps. Cut the strip according to the fencing but be sure to leave an extra 30 cm on both ends of the material.
2. Clamp one end, then tighten by pulling the material taut on the opposite end.
3. Finally, secure with clamping strips.

Entdecke die PVC Sichtschutzstreifen von Workinghouse

Unsere Sichtschutzstreifen bestehen aus robustem PVC-Material mit 650 oder 450 Gramm je Quadratmeter. Sie eignen sich hervorragend zum nachträglichen Einflechten in (Doppel-) Stabmattenzäune mit 20 cm Abstand der Stäbe.

Bei jeder Rolle mit 35 m Länge werden 26 Klemmstreifen mitgeliefert (bei der 50 m Rolle sind es 40 Stück). Solltest Du mehr benötigen, bestelle bitte die erforderlichen Klemmstreifen aus unserem Angebot entsprechend Deinem Bedarf.

Montageanleitung der PVC Sichtschutzstreifen von Workinghouse