CleanAid OneTouch MAGIC - Mop for Floor Cleaning (US only)

Clean Your Floor Easier and Faster Without Making Your Hands Wet and Dirty!


The OneTouch MAGIC is easy to use, always at hand and helps you to clean your floor perfectly. Say goodbye to your scrubber, broom, mop and bucket sets forever. So far, you may always had to sweep or vacuum first and then wipe the floor. The OneTouch MAGIC can do it all at once. The revolutionary OneTouch system integrated in the mop ensures that you can rinse and wring out the PVA sponge with simple lever movements on the mop. Wet and dirty hands are a thing of the past.

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    • Easy to use and always at hand
    • Save time by speeding up floor cleaning
    • Keep your hands clean and dry
    • Universal usage for all smooth surfaces
    • Ideal for: hardwood, tile, parquet, marble, laminate, vinyl, and synthetic floors
    • Gentle to your back (56 inches / 142 cm long handle)
    • Removable sponge for long-term usage