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One Touch Magic FAQ

How can I assemble the mop?

  1. After removal of the plastic wrap push the sponge's S-hook (A) between the wring rollers (B) (picture no. 2). Please ensure that the sponge is wet and soft when you assemble the mop.
  2. Then, move the sponge towards the centre of the mop head. Make sure, that the S-hook fits firmly into the centre part of the mop head (picture no. 3).
  3. Now connect the middle (C) and the upper (D) handle part of the pole (picture no. 4 and 5). Screw the handle parts firmly together.
  4. The mop is now ready to use!



What makes the mop so efficient for floor cleaning?

The OneTouch MAGIC features a fine-pored PVA sponge that soaks up excess water to leave the floor spotless, dry, and clean. You can easily wring out the sponge without making your hands wet, because the roller squeezes out any left over water. This makes floor cleaning extremely fast and uncomplicated. You will save a lot of time and energy and have more time for the important things in life.


What kind of floors can I clean with the OneTouch MAGIC?

The OneTouch MAGIC is suitable for any smooth surface. It is the perfect floor cleaner for hardwood, tile, parquet, marble, laminate, vinyl, and synthetic floors in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, lobby, and the rest of the house. Additionally, it can be used for cleaning motor homes and canopies.

Hardwood Floor - Tile Floor - Parquet Floor - Marble Floor - Laminate Floor - Vinyl Floor


How can I use the mop? How can I avoid making the floor too wet? 

  • Carefully remove the plastic foil from the sponge (as good as you can)
  • Soak the sponge for about 3 to 5 minutes in warm water
  • Once the sponge is soft: wring it out by pulling the lever and remove the remaining plastic foil
  • The more often you wring the sponge, the dryer it gets
  • Move the mop back and forth on the floor in strips
  • When the sponge gets dirty, simply wring it out several times under running water
  • To clean narrow spaces between cupboards or below furniture you can bend the sponge to the side


Do I need to buy a new mop when the sponge is worn-out?

NO. The OneTouch MAGIC has been created to last a life-time. When the sponge is worn-out, you can easily replace it with a new one. This is how you change the sponge:

  1. To remove the worn-out sponge, it should be damp and soft.
  2. Press the S-hook in the opposite direction from the sponge mounting.
  3. Spare sponges are available in our online shop.